Games and Gamification in Market Research

In her book "Games and Gamification in Market Research: Increasing Consumer Engagement in Research" Betty Adamou tells us how games and gamification are revolutionizing the market research industry, offering opportunities to reinvigorate the notoriously sluggish engagement levels seen in traditional surveying methods.

It is aimed at showing you how to design Research Games and Gamified Surveys that will intrinsically engage participants and how best to use these methodologies to become, and stay, commercially competitive.

In this interview (recorded at the Gamifiers Meetup on Thursday 6th August 2020) Pete asks questions to delve deeper into understanding the possibilities and stories that can help us achieve our market research goals through gamification.


Betty Adamou is the Founder of Research Through Gaming, Author of Games and Gamification in Market Research (Kogan Page Publishing, 2019), and a Serious Game Designer specialising in Market Research and Marketing. Adamou is the inventor of Research Games™ (where she designs games as instruments for consumer research on behalf of Fortune 500 brands. She is frequently invited to give keynote presentations and university guest lectures to share her business cases, expertise and research to a global audience.

Betty has been voted “1 of 7 women shaping the future of market research” and is a multi-award winning entrepreneur and innovator, including the NGMR Disruptive Innovator and Enfield Entrepreneur of the Year awards. She has been noted both as a ‘pioneer’ and ‘revolutionary’ in the research field, and is frequently voted as a top researcher and researcher of influence. Adamou is regularly interviewed to share her unique work and client success stories, including several newspapers and magazines, podcasts and radio stations (including BBC Radio).

She notes her greatest achievements as climbing Hong Kong’s Lantau Peak, writing a book, and achieving a 97% completion rate among teenage audiences.

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