July 23

CIM Talk on 6 C’s of gamified marketing

On the 9th July IĀ gave a presentation to the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) on using gamification inĀ marketing to motivate and engage customers and staff.

I haveĀ been researching how gamification can assist with marketing. I have examined issues with current marketing channels, such as the sheer amount of communications that consumers are receiving from brands, and also theĀ changes in the way consumers relate to brands. For example that their attention is no longer free and that they want to be rewarded for any engagement with a brandā€™s messages. The full white paper produced from my research is available to read here:Ā Gamification is the key to customer engagement

Throughout I looked at examples of good engagement techniques in use today and realised I could boil down the best of these into 6 key categories, all of which are used in gamification. I condensedĀ theseĀ down to just six critical techniques and built a framework you can use to easily apply them to any marketing or loyalty campaign.

This framework I’ve called the 6 C’s of gamified marketing. To best engage your customers you should approach them with these 6 C’s in mind:


The session went so well that the next day I recorded a webinar (organised by the University of Brighton) on the same topic which you can watch below now.Ā In this webinar I quickly explain who I am, then give you a brief overview of gamification and how it applies to marketing. Then I take you through each of the 6 Cā€™s of gamified marketing, illustrating each with practical examples of them being used for real.

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