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Google Apps Connector for Zurmo

We are very excited with the release of Zurmo 2.2, the next generation gamified CRM is now integrated with Google Apps. We find that many people are fans of Gmail and Google Calendar. These are tools that help manage businesses effectively and we now have the facility to integrate Google Apps with our Gamified CRM […]

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The Outlook is good for Zurmo

Zurmo have recently announced their latest initiative and it’s one that brings with it a huge array of benefits. You may have guessed by the title, but Zurmo now has full integration between both Outlook and Exchange. This new plug-in for Zurmo allows you to archive emails from Outlook to CRM. Imagine you have just […]

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Manage your business goals with Zurmo

It’s important for people and businesses to have goals. They provide a way to measure our actual successes against our predicted or desired successes and can give you something to work towards. Goals are clearly an important aspect of business, and they can be measured in many different ways. Personal goals may be measured in […]

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Zurmo keeps on giving

Zurmo CRM certainly don’t let up on adding new features, and with the recently released Zurmo 2.0 there is much to talk about. As you may have seen, we recently confirmed that we are Zurmo’s first UK partners, so we have been very excited to see what they have been working on. Version 2.0 has […]

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Are Social Tools important within the workplace?

In a recent survey of 9,908 information workers in 32 countries, it was found that close to half of employees said social tools help increase their productivity. Furthermore, close to one-third said they would spend their own money to buy social tools for work. The survey found that many organisations underestimated the value of social […]

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CRM + Kanban = Zurmo

If you weren’t already aware, Kanban is a Japanese scheduling system for lean and just-in-time production. By taking a Kanban approach it means that demand is “pulled” through a production system based on the actual demand of customers. It is a relatively simple yet highly effective method. It works by having 3 (or more) “bins”, […]

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