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GAMIFICATION+ sponsoring the HBA Annual Croquet Challenge

This year we’re pleased to be sponsoring the HBA (Hove Business Association) Annual Croquet Challenge being held at the Sussex County Croquet Club. This event is an interesting mix of business networking and highly competitive sport. Gamification of networking? It’ll be fun to watch people getting swept up in the competitive spirit and beating their clients or […]

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Pete Jenkins will be talking about Gamification at New Technology for Business event

Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce are running an event on Wednesday 10th September during the Brighton Digital Festival, on New Technology: What’s good for business and what’s just hype?. Pete Jenkins of e-Advantage will be a panelist and talk about how Gamification can work for business. The event is aimed at helping you understand […]

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e-Advantage 2014 Entrepreneurship Prize awarded

On Friday 1st August we attended the prize giving ceremony for 2014’s graduates of the University of Brighton Business School. The ceremony was held at the Sallis Benny Theatre in Brighton. The e-Advantage Solutions prize is awarded for the best entrepreneurship research paper. This year the prize was given to Ellis Wright who can be […]

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GamFed has launched swish new website

The International Gamification Confederation (GamFed) has just launched its brand new website ( Founded on January 1st 2013, GamFed is today proud to report that over 100 members across over 60 countries worldwide have joined the confederation. Membership is open to anyone who is an individual and is involved in gamification in a professional capacity […]

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