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Review of ‘Game Change’

A book dedicated to Gamification: an opportunity not to be missed for us at e-Advantage Solutions. Called ‘Game Change’, the book discusses how “Gamification” can be harnessed and applied as a business model for the future. The book engages you from the very start by asking the reader questions and getting you fully engaged. At […]

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Work doesn’t have to suck

  Even for those of us who love what we do, work can at times really suck! But why and how can we fix this? Ressler and Thompson have outlined these reasons and how we can fix them in their enlightening book ‘Why Work Sucks’. It seems that we all have the wrong beliefs about […]

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Motivation needs Drive

During my academic career I have been made to read theories about motivation over and over again until the point of exhaustion.  When I heard about Daniel Pink’s book Drive  I assumed it would be another dull explanation of Herzberg’s hygiene theory. I literally couldn’t have been more wrong. Pink is a real enthusiast for […]

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