Brighton CCTV case study – gamified CRM cure for growing pains


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Brighton CCTV are, as the name suggests, a company based in Brighton which specialises in, you guessed it, supplying affordable, high quality CCTV systems and related services. No surprises there.

When they started out 2 years ago, they only provided their services to small retail outlets, but quickly grew and expanded their services to cover large retail outlets, office blocks and public sector buildings thanks to the positive feedback and loyalty from their customers. They also developed a strong residential side of their business alongside their business clients.

e-Advantage Solutions helped Brighton CCTV’s small but growing team keep on top of their increasing client base by advising them on how best to manage their sales opportunities and projects. The first thing we did was to revamp their quoting process by setting them up with Quotient, an excellent and simple quoting system for businesses which made their quoting process a lot more efficient.

They had 4 quotes they immediately needed to create and send out. The very next day we received positive feedback from Christopher Dean, the managing director, “Brilliant, 2 of the quotes are signed already. They even bought all the optional extras, which improves our margins nicely.”

Next, we installed our gamified CRM system Zurmo, which helps them track their leads and follow them up to the point where they need a quote. Then it helps the team prioritise which quotes to follow up and when. Once a sale is made it makes it fun to manage the project and deliver the product they’ve sold on time. Brighton CCTV now have a fun and engaging CRM system allowing them to expand the business quickly and with less growing pains.

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