Tender Winner – website build case study

Company profile Tender Winner is a Brighton and Hove based company founded by Julia Chanteray in 2011. It specialises in securing tenders for small businesses by aiding in both the search process and the bidding. Business situation As a new company Julia needed a website built from scratch to market Tender Winner and to gain […]

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Motivation needs Drive

During my academic career I have been made to read theories about motivation over and over again until the point of exhaustion.  When I heard about Daniel Pink’s book Drive  I assumed it would be another dull explanation of Herzberg’s hygiene theory. I literally couldn’t have been more wrong. Pink is a real enthusiast for […]

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Efficy 2012 Spring launched v7.0.2115

We are very pleased to announce that the new version of Efficy CRM has just been launched. This version is called Efficy 2012 Spring (v7.0.2115). We are now testing this version internally and will be offering it up to our existing and new clients shortly. Superb new features include: Efficy Places Integration with Google Maps […]

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Time flies when you’re having fun as an apprentice

Wow. 6 months as an apprentice at e-Advantage Solutions. Pete and I were saying at our monthly meeting this week how quickly the time has gone. I couldn’t believe it has been six months of me working for e-Advantage Solutions already. Everything has gone really well. I’ve learnt so much to do with all our […]

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