We’re excited to announce Pete’s first talk in Jersey on #gamification  It is free to attend at Santander Work Café, St. Helier, Jersey on Thursday 25th April from 5.15pm to 6.30pm. In this interactive session Pete Baikins will show you how you can effectively use gamification to improve engagement, boost productivity and create behaviour change. This talk will

Integrating cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and gamification, with a focus on user engagement through elements like points and levels

Dom’s daughter’s experience with cancer led him to create an app that provides information and reduces anxiety for children going through hospital treatment

You play Phil. He’s a 30 year old character, and his aunt has gone missing, his aunt called Iris, and he has 72 hours to find her.

The app includes audio games like pitch matching and locating sounds in different environments.

Step Connection game to improve balance and reflexes, involves stepping in response to stimuli while exploring different countries.