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Avantec provides automated control of hospital medicines and supplies. They aim to give their clients a way of easily managing the high volume and variety of products and provide a ‘just in time’ stock control solution.

Avantec is Omnicell’s sole UK distributer which is the world’s market leader in ward based automated systems with a ‘total commitment to its customers’. Working closely with Omnicell, Avantec have project management, installation and maintenance engineers based around the UK with their head office and warehouse in Brighton. They are able to provide simple and practical solutions whilst also giving their clients the very best value for money.

Business Situation

Avantec has a variety of contacts in the medical profession, many of whom are clients and it is important that they keep their contact records up to date if they want to remain a ‘responsive and intelligent supplier to the NHS’.This is particularly important in an industry such as this, where people and roles are regularly moving around.

Technical Situation

In order to keep their contact records up to date Avantec recently bought a list of updated contact data for the medical industry. However, they didn’t want to duplicate records from their existing database and also still needed to know who had moved and which organisations had changed names. They needed a technical solution to streamline the new contact information with the old to achieve up to date information.


Avantec use Efficy CRM to manage their contact data. We therefore imported the updated contact data into their Efficy database. We then used our advanced ‘double finder’ tool, which uses a mix of data field comparisons and configurable fuzzy logic, to report on likely duplicated records. Together with the client we were quickly able to work out who had moved, which organisations had changed names and then merged duplicated records.


By using Efficy CRM Avantec are able to manage thousands of contact and organisation records in the medical profession and now that they have the new data imported they can be assured that they are up to date and can remain ‘responsive and intelligent’.  Despite all duplicates being removed we kept all conversation and activity histories attached to the remaining records so Avantec didn’t lose any important information.

Avantec have over 3,000 target contacts within a market of some 400 organisations, all of which must be managed in a professional way for us to win business and keep customers. e-Advantage’s Efficy system provides an adaptable tool that enables us to do so quickly and accurately that can accessed via the internet by our team across the UK, with excellent service support from the e-Advantage team.” Steve Bateson, Southern Sales Manager, Avantec Ltd


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