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Gamification: What are the Business Benefits?

Gamification can be a tricky concept to introduce to a manager. There is misinformation abound ‚Äčwhen considering the short and long term effects of gamification‚Äč on businesses. ‚Äč‚ÄčGamification has existed for such little time that there is also the misconception that ‘good’ gamification cannot be accurately described. ‚ÄčThat’s not true. ‚Äč’Good’ Gamification?We’re going to clarify […]

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GAMIFICATION+ 2019 Entrepreneurship Prize Awarded

On Friday 2rd August we returned to the Sallis Benney Theatre to recognise and celebrate the academic ability of graduates of the University of Brighton. ‚ÄčMonika Offord received this years ‚ÄčGAMIFICATION+ prize for the best entrepreneurship research paper, pictured here with GAMIFICATION+ CEO, Pete Jenkins.‚ÄčMonika said: “I am delighted to have won the award.  I feel […]

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A Sweet Spot for Gamification Training

By R√©my Bastien.It has already been 2 years since I started providing GAMIFICATION+ training in Mexico, but, how did I arrive here?‚ÄčWell, it was natural that I reached Gamification after more than 5 years of working in marketing-tech: with beacons, augmented reality and chatbots. Also, by being a hard-core gamer and having direct experience in […]

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Gamification+ Personal Branding Meetup

‚Äč‚ÄčWe hosted our latest meetup last night! The meetup was a workshop hosted by Gamification+ placement student‚Äč Kira Downer (‚Äč‚Äčalso the post author and will ‚Äčrefer to myself in first person from now on).‚ÄčI tell my story of how I got into gamification in this blog post: From Player to Professional.‚Äč‚ÄčMy interest in Personal Branding […]

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Gamification+ Emotional Intelligence Meetup

‚ÄčWe hosted our latest meetup last night with ‚ÄčC√©line Berger. ‚Äč‚ÄčShe has over 20 years’ experience in gamification and her most recent creation focuses on bringing the skills of emotional intelligence to the masses.The game, ‘Name it to Tame it’ was facilitated by Celine and her colleague Cecile‚Äč and we established how our emotional reactions […]

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Gamification+ Chosen as Export Champions for South East

The Department for International Trade (DIT) recently announced that Gamification+ would be acting as Export Champions for the South East. This accolade involves Gamification+ being an example to businesses across the South East and promoting exporting as a profitable activity, especially as the uncertainty of Brexit looms.On Friday 22‚ĀŅŠĶą Gamification+ founder and CEO Pete Jenkins […]

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