NNL App Challenge

We are looking for win-win ideas that can benefit NNL and you!

This is your chance to make a difference.

What is the one app that would make your work easier or make an existing process unnecessary?


Whether it increases efficiency by making your life easier, or increases productivity and creativity by having fun, whether it is a small idea or a big idea, we want to hear all your ideas.

Example Innovative Apps

Take a look at this list of innovative apps for inspiration

What do you already use?

What apps do you use in other areas of your life – could a version of these be useful at NNL?

How to be more innovative

Check out some talks and info about innovation processes, we'll start you off with this great talk:

We don't need much from you now. Answer our 4 brief questions and 10 of you have a chance to win £1k Primer funding.

This funding will give you the time to work on your idea in more depth.

Initial idea submission on our Innovation Portal requires a description of your app idea by answering these questions:

* What is the problem you want to solve
* Who experiences that problem
* How you want to solve that problem
* Why this is a better solution

For example: I want to solve the problem of difficult event reporting at NNL. This problem is experienced by anyone who needs to log an OSHANS event, but is unfamiliar with the current
software process. I want to solve that problem by providing a simple app to collect the required
data without having to log into the current system. This would be a better solution because it would be easy and quick for NNL employees to use, and therefore make it more likely that event reporting would be carried out.”

There's no limit to how many ideas for apps you can have and submit.

The App Challenge Process:

  • Submit your app ideas (deadline 30th November)
  • 10 ideas will be selected for Primer funding
  • More detailed app submission consisting of:
    • Review of existing apps in App Stores
    • Telling the User Story
    • Creating a Wire frame
  • 3 of these ideas will then be selected to work up prototypes
  • Company wide vote on which of these 3 will be the overall winner
  • The winner gets the glory and their app is built and rolled out across NNL
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