Do you add help buttons into Gamification projects?


On-boarding is an integral part of the gamification process, and is the first step in what makes games fun. If you didn’t teach your players how to play, then you wouldn’t be able to expect them to get to the end game content. This is true for all successful games. I am certain that you are aware that the beginning of the game is far easier than the end of the game. This is so people do not get stuck and need help.

But what if you get stuck?

Most games have a help section where the player can look back on previous tutorials to relearn game mechanics. The same would be for games in gamification. A help section where the player can relearn information necessary for the player to complete the day’s tasks. If the information that the player seeks is task specific however, the best place to look would be to e-sports for real games, or to colleagues in a gamified situation, just like the player would do if they got stuck at work anyway.

It is important to remember that if the player is stuck, the on-boarding may have not been designed well enough, or the difficulty needs to be allowed to be adjusted to allow it to be more accessible for everyone. It is also important to remember that tips should be given often to make the player feel valued and that there are always little ways in which they can improve.

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Shane Fumagall

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