About Gamification+


Our mission is to make working more satisfying than playing games.

​Gamification+ are taking on the challenge to combat the worldwide decline in productivity levels. We have discovered the power of games in business and want to help you achieve the same.

With gamification we can show you how you can use game design concepts and techniques. Starting from the basics like points, badges and leader-boards. Moving through to more advanced team based and intrinsically rewarding techniques. We can motivate and engage your customers and your staff to achieve the best results. Work towards a meaningful result while having fun at the same time. You may be an angry-bird addict or enjoy a good game of snakes and ladders. Either way gamification can make your customer interactions or your work even more rewarding.


GAMIFICATION+ are globally recognised leaders in gamification consultancy and training.

We first launched in August 2000 as e-Advantage Solutions Ltd. We had the intention of providing enterprise level software to small businesses cost effectively. – At this point the ‘e’ in the name stood for ‘electronic’. We did this successfully for many years. We then decided that we wanted to help people enjoy their day-to-day work more. Our company culture is all about enjoying the work that you do. So in 2013 the ‘e’ began to stand for ‘engagement’. We changed our company name to GAMIFICATION+ on 6th May 2015. This better reflects that we are achieving engagement using gamification strategies and frameworks.

Since 2015 GAMIFICATION have been providing services like speaking, consulting and training to companies worldwide. Members of GAMIFICATION+ have collectively spoken at more than 150 events and trained more than 10,000 people in the use of gamification. We have appeared in industry related news platforms like Professor Game and Pete Jenkins has even appeared on television.

​Gamification Services

​Gamification+ offer a variety of services.

We provide in-house and bespoke training for the use of gamification in HR, Marketing and more.

We are able to review your current gamification project and ensure it works. We also offer end-to-end solutions

We are experienced keynote and conference speakers and can help make your event a winning experience.

This methodology is a fun technique for running  effective workshops and enhancing events.

Gamification Europe
We organise Gamification Europe, an international gamification conference on all things game-science and play.

The Gamification Awards
We organise The Gamification Awards, an international awards for the gamification industry.

Our Team

Photo of people smiling.

Pete Jenkins - CEO

Vasilis Gkogkidis - Gamification Designer

​Kira Downer - Marketing and Gamification Europe

Ella Gilchrist - Content & The Gamification Awards

  • ​PhD candidate at University of Sussex.
  • Greek ambassador for ​GamFed.
  • Certified Lego Serious Play Facilitator
  • #3 “Gamification Gurus Power 100” by RISE in June 2017.
  • ​Likes playing guitar and metal. ​
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​Our clients

Just a small sample of our happy clients. 

​​2018 Winners of the Board of Trade Award

In 2018 Gamification+ won the internationally renowned Board of Trade Award, which celebrates the achievement ​of UK firms that export. Find out more in our accompanying blogpost here: 'Gamification+ wins coveted Board of Trade Award.'