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4 Networking – Smile, Meet, Chat


4 Networking is a social business network that has over 250 networking groups across the UK. Pete Jenkins, managing director at e-Advantage Solutions has recently joined the Shoreham-by-Sea group, meeting every other Friday at Sussex Yacht Club. When you join 4 networking you choose when, where and how often you want to network at any of the 250+ networking groups. Not only this, you can reach out to members right across the UK and Ireland with on-line networking in the form of chat forums.

So why is it worth while joining 4 Networking? Pete believes there are many benefits to 4 Networking and joined for a number of reasons. 4 Networking is far less rigid than other networking meetings such as BNI and doesn’t start so early! Also the fact meetings are held every other week means it is a lot easier to commit the time to. With some networking organisations you are penalised when you are unable to attend however 4 Networking is different, understanding it is not always possible to attend.

If you’re thinking about joining the Shoreham 4 Networking group then you could meet like minded people from places as far reaching as Chichester, Crawley, Eastbourne and everywhere in between. One of the main things Pete enjoys about the 4 Networking set up is the 3 ten minute chats with other members that are included in the standard meeting format. These meetings are mutually agreed, allowing you to get a chat with exactly who you want so you can really get the most from your networking meetings.

You can also use the 4 Networking Website to publicise articles promoting you and your business, enabling you to give and receive advice, opinions and help from thousands of other like minded people.

If what you want to do is to chat with people, get to know them, figure out if you like them and then decide if you want to do business with them, then it’s likely 4 Networking is for you. You can even meet over 50,000 online members through the 4 Networking site, to learn a little more why not take a look at the 4 Networking video? If you think you would like to come along to the next Shoreham meet then get in contact with Pete and he will be more than happy to get your name on the list. Either call 01273 358000 or email [email protected] also, to find out more why not visit the 4 Networking website?

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