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We're using gamification to combat the worldwide decline in productivity growth rates. Engaged employees lead to more successful businesses.
Pete Jenkins, Founder of GAMIFICATION+

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Workshops and training courses in understanding and applying gamification, tailored for HR or Sales & Marketing, with case studies relevant to your industry sector.


We help you see where gamification can be applied successfully in your business and then create a gamification strategy for you to implement and benefit from it.


Pete Jenkins is a regular speaker on gamification: passionate keynote speaker; interactive workshop deliverer; panel session facilitator; and conference Chair.

Pete Jenkins – Founder

I've been helping people be more effective in business for many years. In 2012 I got into gamification and became absorbed in finding out as much as possible about applying games processes to business. Since then GAMIFICATION+ has concentrated more and more on gamification and now I spend all my time helping people understand and use game techniques to make their business more effective. I regularly speak at business events about gamification and companies book me to find ways to gamify their processes.

Our clients

What our clients say

Crash course on elevators pitches to get buy-in for gamification – loved it!

Fleming Europe, Gamification in HR Summit

Thanks for yesterday, was a great course on Gamifying Sales and gave me some great ideas on what I can do with our team. Emma Rapson.


Good fun, thought provoking. Helps you stay ahead of the game. Alan Cowen, Director of Health and Safety. 

University of Brighton

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks very much for coming to speak to us on Thursday. The feedback has been great.

American Express

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